Running a local Pride stall

We have been running Pride stalls for many, many years to advertise and raise awareness of Galha's work, humanisim and secularism, as well as advertising local humanist groups and activities across mainland UK. We haven't yet run a stall in Northern Ireland, which would be a particularly wecome prospect for us.


Pride events are our biggest and best opportunity to come face to face with other LGBT people, their families and friends to promote Humanism to a group particularly looking for a non religious idea, lifestyle and rational identiity in the world.


The more local Prides we can run each Pride season the more visible we are. It would be great if you have the time and energy to work with us to spread the word. It's rewarding and great fun.


We regularly run Pride stalls or parade in Manchester, London and Birmingham and have run stalls in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff, Oxford, Brighton, Nottingham, Newcastle, Truro and at Black Pride in London.


Birmingham Pride Birmingham Pride before the rush!
  • This is a brief guide to booking, organising and running a stall;

To find out if you have a local Pride and when it is, visit: 


  • How to apply for a stall

Each Pride differs in terms of types of event and applying for a stall some need booking up to 4 months before the Pride date. I suggest you find the local pride website and register for information to be emailed to you. Professional organisations now organise the event on behalf of Pride committees and don't be surprised, if the stall information arrives the day before the event, the site of the stalls is changed on the day or indeed if the stalls are cancelled! It all adds to the fun and anticipation.


Next step is to contact Galha and BHA and ask them to sponsor the stall costs for the event, possibly expenses for volunteers too. Promote that you are intending to run a Pride stall to local BHA members.


  • Recruiting other Volunteers to run the stall with you

Once you have booked the stall and have confirmation, start to recruit people to make a few hours of time to the stall and get the date in their diaries. Try for a male / female/ transgender mix and diversity. Humanism isn't only for aging white middle males.


  • Stall materials;

About four weeks before the event contact BHA for materials to be sent to you.

Materials we can supply:

  • Gaha vinyl banner
  • Galha t-shirts x 6
  • Galha A4 tri-folded leaflets
  • Galha postcards
  • Galha stickers
  • BHA badges
  • BHA leaflets and celebrant leaflets


Materials you might need to supply:

  • Table cloth.
  • Table decorations.
  • Something to stop the wind blowing leaflets away
  • Local Humanist group materials
  • Tape, string, drawing pins, paper clips, sundry items
  • Bin bag


Members and Supporters behind the banner GALHA members and supporters behind the banner
  • Running a stall on the day.

Normally, you will be sent 2 passes to get into the event. Finding the allocated stall is sometimes a challenge, but persevere . It should only take you about 30 minutes to dress the stall and setup. If you have an idea of times volunteers can arrive, you can draw up a rota.


When people enquire, there are no scripts or 'right' answers or 'truths'. Just be yourself, be open honest and have a quality conversation.

Manchester Pride Stall run by the new NW LGBT group Manchester Pride stall run by the new NW LGBT group and Local GMH

Interested in helping run a stall at your local Pride?


Please email


For full details of all upcoming Galha events, with photos, user reviews and more, visit our London meetup page:


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