Join the Committee

It's vital that we have a strong Committee to take forward its mission. If you can contribute a few hours a week, we hope you'll consider putting yourself forward. We need a diverse mix of e.g. gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, age, experience and skillset.


Geographically you'll need to be close enough to London to make the Committee meetings every couple of months.


What the Committee is

The Committee is a group of up to 7 unpaid volunteers. It has a Chair, Secretary, a Finance Officer and up to 3 other members who are joined by one BHA appointee and a minute-taker.


Committee members share responsibility, co-ordinated by the Chair, for our strategic direction and priorities, sustainability, decision-making and meeting legal responsibilities. They then take on work is specific areas as they see fit.


About Committee work

As a valued Committee member you:


1. Attend the Committee meetings

These are held in central London around every 2 months for 3 hours at a time. The dates are agreed as best for availability. Travel expenses can be submitted to the BHA for full reimbursement.


It's a formal meeting with an agenda distributed beforehand of usually 15 - 20 items - but the tone is friendly and constructive. A comfort break is generally taken mid-way. We try (and generally succeed) to make decisions by consensus rather than majority.


Tea, coffee, water and refreshments are available and you're welcome to bring along snacks. Afterwards there's an open invite to trot to the pub or for an informal lunch together.


2. Read and contribute to the email discussion list on Committee matters

Traffic to this list averages 1 - 10 messages per day. Though most of these are for information only and don't require further action, this is a large volume so it's important to:

  1. Put in place a filter to separate Committee emails from your other email
  2. Develop a system for yourself whereby you can read and contribute to the discussions without it taking over or creating an undue burden e.g. a set time you review the emails once a day.

You'll have the support of other Committee members in developing something that works for you.


3. Do other work as appropriate

This depends on how much time you want to dedicate each week, your skillset, aptitude and experience and, perhaps most importantly, what you think is the best way for you to contribute  in helping us achieve our aims.


Areas of work

In no particular order, the following are the broad categories of work within or supporting the Committee:

  • Fundraising and grant-applications: strategy, developing relationships with funders both groups and individuals, submitting applications/requests.
  • Financial (lead by Finance Officer): budget-setting, analysing reports.
  • Membership: member recruitment strategy; widening participation and diversity; strengthening our democratic credentials.
  • Newsletter: content generation; copyediting/proofing; design and layout; arranging printing and post.
  • Online: adding new capabilites to our website; sourcing new content for the site; ensuring the technical infrastructure is sound; supporting the online shop; engaging with the Facebook community; making the most of our group; generating links to kindred websites.
  • Press: generating news-worthy press releases; working to place articles about the organisation or topics of thought-leadership in the media; co-ordinating media work/responses.
  • Monthly events: generating ideas for new events beyond the current calendar, running the events; running the bar at the events; promoting events; taking photographs and distributing. Includes annual Pride programme.
  • Advocacy and liaison: creating government submissions on topics of interest; lobbying other powerful groups, maintaining links with kindred organisations such as the BHA, SPES.
  • Annual event organisation: arranging the annual weekend conference (venue, itinerary, bookings), arranging the annual lunch (speaker, venue, bookings).
  • Pride event co-ordinator: recruitment of volunteers, booking stalls, promoting our presence at Prides, giving out information and freebies on the day, involving local humanist groups.

The Committee allocates the above areas so that each Committee member has responsibility within 1 or 2 areas. New members of the Committee should attend a Committee meeting before deciding what areas suit them best and how they can engage with them.


Deciding the Committee

This is a simple procedure and we can normally take anyone that volunteers, but the official process is as follows:

  • Every year the present Committee automatically steps down and a new Committee must be democratically elected.
  • To be eligible for nomination to the Committee each must be a paid-up member of the BHA.
  • It is not necessary to be physically present at the AGM to put yourself forward for election.
  • The AGM takes a vote on the proposed nominees (postal and proxy votes are not permitted).
  • Between AGMs the present Committee can co-opt GALHA members onto the Committee, so long as there is space available.
  • Committee members can leave at any time, though the more notice is provided the better the organisation can cope.


Nominate yourself

To nominate yourself please complete the short form:



Get in touch

The Chair is happy to answer any questions you have by phone or email or meet up for a quick coffee / beer. We encourage you to attend a Committee meeting as an observer, with no promises either way, to help make a decision.


Please contact


For full details of all upcoming Galha events, with photos, user reviews and more, visit our London meetup page:


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