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You join Galha LGBT Humanists by joining the British Humanist Association (BHA) and telling them you want to be signed up to us.


Use the online form at the BHA site below. During the sign-up process you simply tick a box to become a member of Galha LGBT Humanists.


BHA membership form

Our vision

Our vision is that lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people have equal rights and that everyone can live their life according to Humanist values if they choose to do so without other worldviews enjoying special privileges.


Joining the work of GALHA is your way to be part of this important work. Your membership fee supports BHA and GALHA in its work. Membership is open to all those who support our aims and is vital in increasing the financial resources we have to pursue our aims as well as providing the moral support of increased numbers.


Why join?

  • You will be supporting GALHA's mission to promote Humanism and equality and diversity.
  • Your membership fees and other financial donations are used carefully to support the cause.
  • You will add to our number and therefore the democratic legitimacy of the organisation: we are stronger together.
  • You become part of a growing network of people that care deeply about the issues at hand, promoting activism and influencing government.
  • The organisation is strong socially, providing opportunities to network and meet other people that care about our aims.

You will receive print copies of the regular GALHA newsletter to keep you up-to-date on our work. As a democratic organisation members have the right to vote at the General Meetings that set GALHA's strategic direction and actions - and seek election to the Committee.



For full details of all upcoming Galha events, with photos, user reviews and more, visit our London meetup page:


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