March and Rally on 14th September

The Secular Europe Campaign March and Rally has become an annual event to celebrate all we have achieved in secularism, to demand more, and to have a really good time with like minded people.

We march to be seen, to be heard, to support others that are struggling to achieve their basic human rights, and to show that we are a growing force that will stand up for what we believe in and will challenge what is unbelievable.
We will assemble at 12.30pm in Temple Place, next to Temple Tube Station.
The March will start at 1.00pm and end in a Rally at Richmond Terrace, opposite Downing Street.

We hope you would like to join us on the march. Can you kindly inform people of the date and encourage them to attend, add it to Facebook and to tweet about it. We will be using the hashtag #SECM2013

You can use and adapt this draft tweet if you wish:
Join the Secular Europe March. Be seen be heard be Secular. 14th Sept 2013. Equal rights for all #SECM2013

We have created the following tiny URLS for twitter:
- Event page on the SEC website:
- Event page on Facebook:
- Event page on Meetup:


Speakers include;
Professor AC Grayling, Stephen Law, Maryam Namazie, Pragna Patel, Nina Sankari - Polish Rationalist Association, Anne Marie Waters - One Law for All, Sue Cox - Survivors Voice, Nahla Mahmoud - Council of Ex Muslims, Bob Churchill - International Humanist & Ethical Union, Naomi Phillips Chair of Labour Humanists, Adam Knowles Chair of GALHA - LGBT Humanists, Rory Fenton AHS President, Charlie Klendjian Secretary of the Lawyer's Secular Society.


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