BHA Trustee David Pollock with GALHA Chair Adam Knowles.



The current committee after a landmark decision On Saturday 14th April 2012 a Special General Meeting took place at Conway Hall to decide the future of

GALHA. Members gathered to vote on the proposal that GALHA becomes a section of the British Humanist Association. As GALHA Chair Adam Knowles outlined in his introductory speech:


"We returned to the existential question: what is GALHA for? We decided it's to promote Humanism and LGBT rights in the UK and abroad, and to ensure it can sustainably do so in future, rather than to protect itself as an entity. The goal we set ourselves was to establish the firmest foundation for the future, the future of the LGBT Humanist movement in the UK. The Committee and I think we're better off with the BHA and hope you do too."The overwhelming response was ʻYesʼ, with 24 votes in favour of the proposal, 1 against, and 3 abstentions. While there was no postal vote, members who were unable to make it to the meeting were encouraged to let their views be known in writing. Sixteen such replies were received, the majority of which were in support of the proposal.


Speaking after the vote, David Pollock, one of the BHA trustees who attended the meeting on their behalf, said: “Iʼd like, on behalf of the BHA, to formally welcome GALHA and say that weʼre looking forward to a prosperous and useful life together.”


Adam Knowles later commented: "The move into the BHA is something of an end of an era for GALHA, but also the start of a new one about which I am tremendously excited. I'd like to thank Mike Rickwood and Malcolm Barnes particularly for all the work they put into this, but also the rest of the Committee and those members whom wrote in or gave their views. I'm delighted that so many GALHA members old and new attended to vote - and look forward to building on our past but in a form suited to future success."


GALHA secretary Mike Rickwood said: "The officers will be meeting the BHA shortly to agree how to handle the transition. We will let you know the outcome in due course. We will also shortly begin work to develop a vision of the new direction GALHA should now be moving in to take advantage of its new situation – the new things it might do and how it might do them - which we'd like to discuss and seek your endorsement for at the Manchester weekend, which will be held on the 12-14 October.”


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