Current Committee


Richard Unwin


"I served on the Galha committe for three years before being elected as Chair in 2014, helping out with events and campaigns, as well as editing the newsletter.

I'm an actor and a journalist, currently doing more writing about theatre than actually performing in it, but hoping to reverse that trend soon!

I found my way to Humanism through a love of science-fiction - it was a biography of Douglas Adams that first sent me in the direction of books by Richard Dawkins.

I'm excited to be taking Galha into the future. LGBT voices have a hugely important part to play in the Humanist movement and I'm determined to make sure that they get heard."


Adam Knowles


"I first became a member of Galha following the discovery that my worldview matched ‘humanism' thanks to the New Humanist. I take a keen interest in philosophy, current affairs, different cultures and human rights. I want to fight the remaining bastions of homophobia in the UK and the more explicit problems in Europe and elsewhere. I work as a Project Manager in online marketing and live in London. I look forward to a healthy, vibrant future for Galha LGBT Humanists and I am particularly interested in increasing the membership base and widening its diversity."


Finance Officer

Mike Kitto 


Chris Ward


"A recovering Catholic, I became a Humanist after finding Hitchens. I'm a senior mobile developer by trade but I've also been involved in politics as an elected councillor and I worked for a political party during the 2010 general election. Formerly a member of the Lib Dems, I was responsible for changing party policy on gay/bi men from donating blood. I now use my coding skills to try and make the world that tiny bit better. During the equal marriage campaign, my partner Josh (also on the committee) and I developed the successful LobbyALord website which helped deliver the crushing defeat of the anti-gay Dear amendment in the House of Lords. I live in Oval, London with Josh and our cat Sulu."


Josh Gladwin


"As someone without a religious upbringing, Star Trek and Doctor Who taught me more about humanity than any bishop or bible. I’m a linguist and want to ensure that LGBT rights and Humanist values resound around the UK and across the world. Having a strong interest in science, I wish to see logic and reason triumph over religious dogma and stigma in society. Together with my partner Chris, I have created various online applications to help with campaigns, most notably the LobbyALord website during the equal marriage campaign. I live in Oval, London with Chris and our cat Sulu."

Steve Emmett


"I’m a writer and a BHA Funeral Celebrant, operating in Yorkshire. God’s own county provides a challenge, make no mistake! I want to grow the membership of Galha LGBT Humanists and the BHA, and I make no apology for being rather evangelical about this.

By the time I’d stopped believing in the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, I’d put gods well and truly behind me, but growing up as a gay kid in the 60s and 70s, in a Roman Catholic environment in a small, northern market town, made for a very difficult coming of age. I, like many others, have spent years trying to recover.  I don’t want anyone to have to go through that.

It is essential that we make our voices heard in order to beat what remains of homophobia and bigotry, both at home and abroad."


Mary Porter


 "I have been a BHA Trustee for seven years and am representing the board on the Galha committee.

I have recently become a Humanist funeral celebrant and a Humanist volunteer in the spiritual care team of my local mental health trust. I have worked as a consultant on governance with various charities and for about thirty years worked in the sexual health field, where I was developing understanding of sexuality and sexual health and supporting and evaluating international sexual health programmes.

It is a pleasure to be supporting Galha in this interface of humanism,  sexuality, and human rights."



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